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About Group 3

About Group 3


Welcome to Civil Air Patrol, Inland Empire Group 3 of the California Wing. Inland Empire Group 3 is comprised of nine squadrons: Riverside Senior Squadron 5Palm Springs Composite Squadron 11Chino Cadet Squadron 20Cable Composite Squadron 25Corona Cadet Squadron 29Billie L Leclair Squadron 3145th Composite SquadronHemet-Ryan Composite squadron 59 and Redlands Cadet Squadron 411.

Our Squadrons have a deep and lengthy history in Civil Air Patrol. For over 80 Years, Inland Empire Group 3 squadrons have been executing Civil Air Patrol’s three missions: Cadet Programs, Emergency Services and Aerospace Education. You are invited to find out more about Civil Air Patrol (the United States Air Force Auxiliary) and volunteer to serve your community, state and nation. Opportunities are available to anyone age 12 and up. To find a Squadron near you, go to Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Under the command of Maj Ken Benner, Inland Empire Group 3 is headquartered at March Air Reserve Base – 5730 Riverside Dr, March Air Reserve Base, CA 92518. (map)

Many of our adult members are currently in the National Guard or Reserves or have previous military experience. Several civilian members have a technical background in science, engineering or education. Our cadets are in middle school, high school and college, and many are in homeschooling programs.

Our mission statement:

“Strength in Unity – success through cooperation and resolve.”

The goals of the Inland Empire Group 3 are:

  1. To create a strong CAP organization that assists young adults in making career path choices primarily in military, technical or aviation-related fields.
  2. To support the community by providing Emergency Management officials with organized teams that are trained and equipped for Air / Ground Search & Rescue and Disaster Relief missions.

Inland Empire Group 3 is located in the area surrounding the cities of Riverside and San Bernardino, a Group of the California Wing of Civil Air Patrol. We are the Headquarters unit for nine squadrons.

Our squadrons consist of senior members 18 years of age and older and cadet members between 12 and 21 years. There are three types of Squadrons, Senior, Composite, and Cadet, that contribute to all three of the core Civil Air Patrol programs: Aerospace Education, the Cadet Program, and Emergency Services To learn more about our programs, please click here. To join CAP click here to start.

As background on our echelons, a senior squadron is open only to senior (adult) members. A cadet squadron is primarily for cadet members, but it must have three senior members. A composite squadron is composed of both senior and cadet members. A flight is smaller than a squadron and may have a charter or be part of a squadron. A group oversees and supports several squadrons in a given area. A wing is a state, commonwealth, or district headquarters. There is a wing in each of the 50 states, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia. CAP’s eight regions are composed of several wings or states.

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